Sunday, 18 October 2009

Exercise and Daily Diet.

I do 30 minutes arm exercises daily and use a Motomed for legs, also daily for 39 minutes.

My advice is in possible get one as they are very good.

My diet is very good; I eat a varied diet, with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, nuts, seeds, everyday.

Lots of fresh Tofu and Tempe from the Asian shop, they make it themselves.

Regular fish, especially fatty fish like herring and mackerel and smoked eel, as well as tins of sardines and anchovy, very occasionally.

Freeh pasta, Richie makes it; he makes lasagne, cannelloni, ravioli, and tagliatelli.

He makes great stews, casseroles and soups and curries and cous cous

We eat no processed food, apart from the occasional tin of sardines or anchovy and jar of roll mops herring all fresh food is bought on the market.

Soya products and some pulses from Asian shop, rice and Asian/Caribbean vegetables/fruit from the Indian shop and soft goat cheese and olives and some fruit and vegetables, if needed from our friendly Turkish shop.

Sometimes when Richie wants a break from making bread he gets bread from an excellent Moroccan baker, who is just up the road.

Richie uses thick coconut cream in place of dairy cream, he makes delicious ice cream and custards.

He also uses fresh herbs in place of dried herbs where possible and available, he grows his own, and has indoor thyme on the kitchen windowsill all year around.

Bread is made with a mixture of whole wheat and brown and white flour plus oats and linseed, linseed is also added to cooked food.

Love avocados and mangos and bananas which we have regularly, daily in the summer.

Think that my/our daily vitamin and mineral intake is very good.

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