Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Notes about the best diet versus elimination diet

The best bet diet.

The best bet diet is constantly being recommended as the diet for ms. It’s basically a low fat, no wheat, and no sugar diet that allows fruit & veg & fish. As well as rice cakes, oatcakes. In some versions chocolate seems ok in moderation and beans are ok in others its totally forbidden.

It’s the wheat that's the problem or rather the gluten in wheat, the sticky stuff that results in bread, as we know it. Spelt seems to be better than wheat. Whisky is ok but wine in moderation. Rum may not be ok as it’s made from sugar cane, would love to hear other people’s views on this. And coffee is also forbidden; this is because it irritates the bladder.

This diet does not allow wheat flour, bread, cake, biscuits, crisps, puddings, sugar, beer, and yeast. It also recommends you do not eat any dairy produce, so no milk or cheese or butter or cream. But strangely enough it recommends meat which is quite shocking if you do not eat meat as this diet does not approve of beans, pulses and especially soya beans which non meat eaters rely on for their healthy protein.

The elimination diet
Just been recommended to try an elimination diet, and a lot of B vitamins and calcium and magnesium in the evening. Magnesium is good for muscles. Apparently the jerks and spasms are due to oxygen lack in the brain.

The elimination diet says no salicylates, which means no citrus fruits, apples. Peaches and apricots and blackberry, blackcurrant are ok if cooked or canned, cherries are fine. No eggs, no margarine but you can have a dairy free one. So you can only eat a rice bread or cakes. No brewers yeast. Big bananas only.

Beetroot with no vinegar is ok and brazil nuts, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower and cashew nuts are allowed.

Do not have carob, capsicum, barley, chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, or coffee.

You can have celery, unseasoned chicken, (salt is allowed), coconut, cress, crab, custard apple, dates, duck, figs, fish, garlic is safe, goat's milk, goat’s cheese, hazel nut, honey, honeydew, .

Not allowed are cola, corn, cow’s milk, cucumber, curry, egg, eggplant, gelatine, ginger, kidney bean, kiwi fruit, lemon, lentils, liquorice, lime, malt, mandarin, mint, mushroom, mustard, nutmeg, oat, olive, onion, orange, oregano, paprika,

You can have lamb, lettuce, lobster, lychee, macadamia nut, mango, maple syrup, oyster, parsley, parsnip, paw paw i.e. papaya, parsley, tinned peaches, pear, pecan, persimmon, tinned pineapple only, pork, prawn i.e.. shrimp, pumpkin, rabbit, radish, redcurrant, rice (white is safer), rockmelon, safflower, salmon, sardine, schnappers, sesame seed, shellfish, shrimp, spinach, squash, sweet potato.

Not allowed are peas, pepper, plum, poppy seed, potato, prune, quince, millet, rye, nectarine, passion fruit, sage, soybean, strawberry, string bean, sugar, tangerine, tea, thyme, tomato, turmeric, vanilla bean, walnut (full of mould), wheat, zucchini, alfalfa, cocoa, lentils.
Allowed are sugar beet, sunflower seed, trout, tune, turkey, and watermelon. Camomile tea and dandelion tea can be had in small quantities.

Take a fish oil capsule at least once a day and eat fish when you can.
It's antiinflammatory and MS is an inflammatory dieses.

Take some vitamin D if your climate does not have a lot of sun
You'll get real food cravings for about a week especially coffee.
You could do it slowly eliminating things.

Take a calcium and magnesium supplement in the evening. Both those minerals relax muscles. Also take oil of evening primrose if you not have any Omega 6 oils in your diet to balance out the Omega 3.

Vitamin B is very good for nerves. Take them in them morning as they can stop you sleeping.

B1 500mgm

B6 500mgm

B12 1000mgm

B2 100mgm

Folic acid 5mgm

B3 500mgm

The following two are taken in the evening.
B3 500mgm at night.
Choline 500mgm at night.

Take a zinc tablet once a day.

Vitamin A 500iu

Vitamin E 500 -1000mgm daily.

Vitiamn C 1000 mgm daily.

Take the C and all the minerals in the evening as you absorb the minerals better when sleeping and the vitamin C enhances absorption also.

If the diet sounds too daunting then eliminate wheat and all dairy products first.

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